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Friday Feature: Before Night Falls (2000)

Before Night Falls is autobiographical fiction about the life of Cuban poet and novelist, Reinaldo Arenas (1943-1990).  Arenas left Cuba for New York City in the Mariel … [Read More]

Afghan Chicken Sandwich

Language vs cultural fluency This hilarious story from an Afghan university student in the US is a great example of why clients with excellent English still need our help to … [Read More]

Reader Question: How Do You Use iDevices?

How do you use an iPad or tablet in your work? Kelly Rice, Employment Program Manager with the International Center of Kentucky just got an iPad and wants to hear … [Read More]

Ebola Scare: Updates and Talking Points

Here are updated information and resources to help all of us address ebola-related fears and keep everyone well informed and feeling safe.  Click here for more from previous … [Read More]