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Free Guide Offers Comprehensive, Accessible Legal Information

Legal questions for our clients cross our desks every day.  Most of us are not legal experts, but solutions to the resulting barriers to employment are part of our core … [Read More]

5 Core Cultural Issues

Your job readiness strategies already address these five fundamental cultural concepts: l.  Concepts of time. 2.  Individualism vs collectivism. 3.  Hierarchy and … [Read More]

100 Interview Questions

Sometimes you run out of creative energy before all your clients are ready to ace a job interview.  Here's a great list of 100 interview questions you can use in all kinds of … [Read More]

Help Clients Prepare for the Holidays

The holidays can  be especially disorienting for new arrivals who are separated from friends and family at a time when “ideal” images of families spending time (and money) … [Read More]