Job Opening at IRC Dallas

dallasAre you ready for a change and looking to take the next step in your refugee employment career? Higher Peer Advisor Jim Stokes just let us know that IRC Dallas is looking for an Employment Supervisor. Here’s his elevator pitch:

“We could use your help!  IRC Dallas has posted this critical opening for an Employment Supervisor.  The office is a USP pacesetter in this core service, and we are looking for an experienced and inspiring supervisor to lead our program. This is a great career development opportunity!”

To see the full job description and to apply for this position, click here!

Higher’s December Webinars

Financial Literacy: How to Teach the Basics

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2:00 – 3:15pm EST

Financial literacy is an essential component of economic self sufficiency. This webinar will explore what topics are most important and will feature resources designed to be used as job readiness activities. Panelists will share financial literacy initiatives and examples of community partnerships that can be replicated. Financial literacy curriculums will be highlighted throughout the training.  

Register here

Collaborating with Mainstream Workforce Development and Taking Advantage of WIOA-funded Training Opportunities

Thursday, December 15, 2016

2:00 – 3:30pm EST

Higher has made a concerted effort over the past couple years to educate our network about the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) and has highlighted mainstream workforce development resources and collaboration case studies on our blog. In this webinar, Higher will continue building our network’s awareness of WIOA-related opportunities by highlighting specific career pathways opportunities within the mainstream workforce system that have potential to help refugees move beyond “survival jobs.” Speakers are still being confirmed, but Higher is hoping that this webinar will feature both government WIOA experts, as well as refugee field staff that have successfully collaborated with the mainstream system.

Register here

Job Opening at IRC Baltimore


Baltimore Inner Harbor

Are you ready for a change and looking to take the next step in your refugee employment career? Higher Peer Advisor Christina McPherson has just let us know that IRC Baltimore is looking for a Senior Employment Specialist to work on its Targeted Assistance Grant program which connects refugees to vocational training and employment. Here’s her elevator pitch for this exciting opportunity:

“If you are interested in working for the largest resettlement agency in Maryland- look no further than IRC. The employment program is quickly growing and with new funding IRC is happy to now support clients in vocational trainings and job upgrade opportunities. This position will be part of a larger employment team that assists both newly arrived and post 8 month clients.”

To apply for this position, click here!

Self Care: Using Different Skills is More Relaxing

beach work two

Best way to relax and decompress?

Start another busy week with your well-being in mind.

We all know self-care is important, we know what to do and sometimes, when we have time, we do it. What’s the point of one more blog post about it?  Actual research points to how to make limited time for breaks and relaxation more effective.

“If you’re using the same mental activities to relax as you do to work, your brain isn’t really getting a rest. To really relax, it’s better to find something that doesn’t resemble the work you do”,

When you have time to relax and decompress after work, make that time count by using different skills and doing different things than you do at work, according to a recent article in lifehacker and a stress management research review in  

For example, spend a lot of time working on the computer (e.g. case notes, monthly reports, employer research)? Spending an evening or lunch break surfing social media with your eyes on another computer screen might not be as relaxing as you hope. 

And again, the point?  Take a 10 minute break from work – and leave your cell phone behind, too!




Job Opportunities in Charlottesville, VA


Live and resettle refugees amidst American history – Thomas Jefferson’s architectural masterpieces andEdgar Allen Poe’s college dorm room – in the home town of three U.S. presidents.  The gorgeous Shenandoah mountain hiking’s not bad, either.

The IRC in Charlottesville, VA is hiring for both a Senior Employment Specialist, and a Resettlement Manager (with oversight over both case management and employment services).

If you have a refugee employment job opening, send it to and we’ll post them on Friday

Job Opportunities in Baltimore and Miami


Crabs and Old Bay


Beaches and palm trees

IRC Baltimore is expanding and has two new Americorps positions available. Click here to apply for two Job Placement Americorps positions, that will work with both Matching Grant and State employment programs.

EMM’s Miami office is hiring a Matching Grant Job Developer position. Would you be able to share this posting with your network?





If you have a refugee employment job opening, send it to and we’ll post them on Fridays.

Take Time to Celebrate One Refugee’s Success Today

Don’t lose sight of the individuals amidst the surge!

Sometimes it’s easy to get too busy to appreciate the personal triumphs that make our jobs worthwhile.  The single mom who gained the confidence to ace a job interview. The family that bought a car with their tax return.  The excitement of a first day at work in a job with a new employer partner.

“Nobody is ever just a refugee,” said Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi, Nigerian novelist and non-fiction writer, delivering the keynote address at a World Humanitarian Day event in New York. “Nobody is ever just a single thing. And yet, in the public discourse today, we often speak of people as a single a thing. Refugee. Immigrant.”

In a different way, we can also slip into the bad habit of losing sight of any single client achievement among an overwhelming case load.

You can read more about Adichi’s remarks or listen to her entire speech to get a big picture take on the refugee crisis you address one client at a time every day. There may not be time in your schedule for speeches today.  Make time to think about one client’s success and appreciate the role you played in helping them achieve it. 

Please, Take a Quick Lunch Break Today

nyc lunch breakWhile you’re reading this, take a minute to feel good about the difference your hard work makes to refugees. We’re all hustling to get a huge number of arrivals settled in and on solid ground for success.

Leaving your desk at lunch will help you be even more productive and keep burnout away.  A recent article in is a fast read on your smart phone while you get 15 minutes of fresh air and sunshine.  You deserve it.



Job Opportunity in New Orleans

A float is seen in the parade down St. Charles Avenue on Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans, Louisiana February 12, 2013. REUTERS/Sean Gardner (UNITED STATES - Tags: SOCIETY ENTERTAINMENT) ORG XMIT: NEW013

Photo Credit:  REUTERS/Sean Gardner

We’re exploring a new idea to share refugee employment job leads from around the country. It feels a bit like armchair travel. Fun.

Here’s an AmeriCorps volunteer post one with Catholic Charities Archidiocese of New Orleans. Perks of the position include world class food, music, and of Mardi Gras parades!

The role with focus on career counseling and financial literacy training. Download this job description here: Americorps Employment Services Success Coach

If you have a refugee employment job opening, send it to and we’ll post them on Fridays.

Reader Question: Can Anyone Share Examples of Good Opening Lines?

Owen Davis

Owen Davis

Owen Davis, Employment Outreach Specialist with Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS) in New Haven, CT asked for more detail after reading our recent post Consultative Selling: A Big Picture Conclusion. Peer presenter Hilary Lucas, Job Developer at Catholic Charities in Cleveland mentioned the importance of having a good opening line when reaching out to employers.

What opening lines have you found to be most successful? Help us answer Owen’s question in the comment section at the end of this post or at

Meanwhile here are some tips on opening lines drawn from the 1-day training we hosted with DTG-EMP President Allen Anderson at our Second Annual Refugee Employment Workshop last fall in Omaha.

  • Keep your opening line to 20 seconds or less.
  • Make sure your opening line focuses on the needs of the employer.
  • Find ways to make your opening line interesting.

Allen Anderson also shared two types of openings to use with employers: the Credentials opening, and the Benefits Opening.

Both of these assume that you already know that there is a job opening and that you have access to the decision maker (or hiring department). Both types of opening include three elements: Greeting, Opening line, and Permission to proceed. Here are examples of each.

Credentials Opening

Hi Bill, this Betty Smith from Refugee Employment Services. I heard that you may be hiring an overnight stocker at your store? (Opening Line): I wanted to let you know about our free employment services to connect employers with new Americans who are work authorized and eager to work. We’ve had a lot of success with Walmart, Home Depot and other area business. I was hoping to introduce myself and see if our services might be helpful for your business. (Permission to proceed) Do you have a few minutes to talk?

Benefits Opening

Hi Bill, this Betty Smith from Refugee Employment Services. I heard that you may be hiring an overnight stocker at your store? (Opening line) I am hoping to give you access to free employment services that have helped local employers successfully hire motivated and reliable candidates. I think the quality of our services might be of real benefit to you. I was hoping for a chance to introduce myself and see if there was anything I could do to help you get a good employee for this stocker position? (Permission to proceed) Do you have a few minutes to talk?