Female Genital Cutting


Naima Abdullahi runs a support group for victims of genital cutting. She was cut at age 9. Photo Credit: Amber Fouts for The New York Times

Working with cultural differences is important in our work.  Remaining judgment free is a critical skill that some may find difficult around the issue of female genital cutting.

Did you know that 98% of women in Somalia and 89% in Eritrea are cut?  Did you know that “vacation cutting” (performed when US-resident daughters visit their countries or origin or relatives elsewhere during school holidays) is common enough in the US to have a name?  Neither did I.

A recent New York Times article shocked me.  I asked a few trusted advisors how to frame this information in a blog post and if I should even post about it at all.

If anyone has insight about how this issue could affect employment services and our work with clients, please share.





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