Guest Blog Post Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all guest blog posts.  Click on the three  types of posts Higher currently accepts (1. Resource Review, 2. Who Inspires You? Friday Feature, and 3.  Success Stories) for specific requirements and examples for each one. Have a different idea for the post you’d like to write? Just get in touch at

  • Create a well-written, high quality, original, CREATIVE article.

We want to provide helpful information for our readers (Employment Service Providers). IF you’re telling a story, be sure it has a clear beginning, middle and end. Content should directly relate to some aspect of refugee employment.

  • Include a short (approximately 2-5 sentence) author bio with a maximum of one link to your website.

It will appear at the end of your post. Here’s an example so you can see how it will look.

dw guest blog post byline

  • Include a photo with your bio (medium jpeg approx. 300-500 pixels, no larger than 100 kb).

 Please also send a photo related to the content of your post, if you have one. Otherwise, we’ll find an image that will work.

  •  Use proper grammar, spelling and language usage
    • Use synonyms where possible. If you find you’ve used the word “child” a lot, consider “minor” “kid” “son” or “daughter”
    • Short, concise sentences are better than long, verbose ones. “I love to tell stories of refugees and their journeys” is much easier to read than “I love to tell the stories of the journeys of refugees throughout the world who travel to different countries via many different routes on their journeys.”
    • Use active voice, not passive voice. Example: She faxed her application for a new job. (Active voice). The application for a new job was faxed by her. (Passive voice)


  • Provide proper attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article. This Includes photos!
  • Adhere to your agency’s policies about media presence.

Let us know if you need any support from us. We assume that you have all of the permissions required when you submit a post.

  •  Content will be published via WordPress, so please provide links right in the text where you want them to be placed as a clickable hyperlink.

Example: For more information, visit our website at (

  • After it’s published, share a link to your post widely on your agency and personal social media channels.

We’ll provide the link and technical assistance if you need help. This benefits all of us.

We reserve the right to edit all content to better fit the needs of our blog. We will provide a final draft for approval before posting your article.