Success Story Guidelines

A Higher success story centers on the positive impact our work has on our clients.

It could be about a refugee finding a job in their field of study and how an employment specialist helped make that happen; about refugees making a difference in their community, or employment specialists who help refugees feel at home in some unexpected or creative way.

If what you want to contribute has been featured in local news media, you could include that link and add your own take. Any story about refugees overcoming barriers to employment is welcome.  

  • Maximum 2 double spaced pages!
  • Be creative when writing your success story.
  • Make sure others can understand what happened and how the story turned out.

For example, you might start in chronological order or start with the impact and then explain how you achieved it.

  •  Relate your story to our readers in a way that offers practical ideas they can use in their own work and, most importantly, is inspiring!
  • At least one photograph related to your success story is required for success story posts.

We can usually accommodate up to three per success story. Smart phone photos can work. They don’t have to be professional, but they shouldn’t be blurry.

  • Check your work after you’ve written your post.

    Let a few colleagues read it before sending us your final draft. Is the main point clear? Did anyone have to read the piece more than once to fully comprehend the story? If so, consider revising your piece.

Here are two previous post examples from IRC Baltimore’s Employment Outreach Event and African Community Center in Denver, CO