Resources for the Job Readiness Classroom

Here are some wonderful resources to use for your job readiness course. There are a lot of interactive tools and games with which to engage clients and ensure retention of knowledge.

The tools were originally presented from a Webinar on 3.30.2016 titled – The Interactive Job Readiness Classroom: Creative Activities that Motivate Clients  

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PowerPoint Slides               


Photo credit: Immigrant Connect Chicago

Application Bingo           

Memory Game             

Planned and Unplanned Consequences Activity               

US Job Cycle Word Search Puzzle and Instructions                  

Warp Speed Introduction Activity                      

US Job Cycle Card Sort Game and Instructions


Blank Application Form       

Blank Paycheck and Pay Stub                

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions

Training Resources

Adult Learning Principles          

CAL Training for Non-Trainer: Tips and Tools


Higher’s Interview Behavior Videos       

The White House “First Jobs” Video Series       

Café Clarkston Videos