Past Webinars

December 2016: Collaborating with Mainstream Workforce Development and Taking Advantage of WIOA-Funded Training Opportunities Webinar Recording

June 2016: Job Development Strategies for Syrian Clients Webinar Recording   YouTube Video

January 2015: How to Help Employers and Clients Understand Work Authorization Documentation and the I-9 PowerPoint

December 2014: Introduction to New Workforce Legislation Webinar Recording

May 2014: Higher Job Readiness Class Models and Resources PowerPoint

April 2014: Higher Job Development Essentials: Initial Pitches to Employers: PowerPoint

December 2013:  Higher E-learning Tester Briefing YouTube Video

September 2013: Connecting Job Seekers to Apprenticeships PowerPoint

July 2013: Good Ideas in Mentoring PowerPoint

May 2013: Using Labor Market Information to Inform Employer Outreach PowerPoint

September 2012: Intercultural Competence PowerPoint

July 2012: Training Design Tips PowerPoint

June 2012: Religious Accommodation in the Workplace PowerPoint

September 2011: Overseas and Domestic Employment Orientations PowerPoint

August 2011: Using Technology to Make Your Job Easier PowerPoint

June 2011: Small Businesses Making a Big Impact PowerPoint

July 2011: Employee and Employer Rights by USCIS PowerPoint