Behavioral Interview Questions: Examples from Target Interviews

Target jobs are hard to get.  Their rigorous interview process is one reason.  Click here for 12 actual behavioral interview questions asked in Target job interviews.

Higher’s free eLearning course How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions has proven effective in helping clients understand these common questions and learn how to craft their own answers.

Want to help your clients ace behavioral interview questions and be better prepared to interview successfully?  Here are three ways:

Our flyer will look great in your lobby!

Our flyer will look great in your lobby!

1.  Offer flyers in your office with easy, free client access to all of Higher elearning courses for refugees.  We’ll send you the flyers with an easy 3 step process clients can navigate on their own.  Email and we’ll do the rest!

2.  Assign the training to clients as part of group job interview preparation.  This is especially helpful when you know the employer will ask a behavioral interview question.  You can ask volunteers to help or make course completion a prerequisite for preparation sessions.

3.  Check out our Intro to eLearning course to see how others are using our courses in their workClick here to go right to that course.  It’ll only take you 10 minutes.

You can still get your own free username and password for Higher’s Online Learning Institute that houses 9 eLearning courses and companion resources.  Click here to sign up.

What?  Limited internet access?  Addresssing barriers is our expertise, right?  Higher can send you a thumb drive or CD-Rom with all of the courses available off-line.  Ask us how.


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