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American Job Center Overview

Department of Labor Fact Sheets

  • American Job Center Overview – With nearly 2,800 delivery points nationwide, American Job Centers, also known as One-Stop Career Centers, provide a vast network to address the human resource and employment needs of both job seekers and business in every community.
  • Workforce System Overview – Provides a general overview of how funding flows from the Department of Labor to the local level.

Job Fair Tips

Pre-Employment Curriculum Outline for Multiple English Levels

Pre-Employment Curriculum Outline for Multiple English Levels — created by Brittani Mcleod, Catholic Community Services of Utah, this curriculum was designed to meet the needs of job seekers with varying levels of English proficiency.

Immigration Mythbuster

Immigration Mythbuster – free infographic from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) that can be printed as an 8.5 x 14 or 11×17 poster. Can be shared with employers, service providers, volunteers and others with an interest in immigrants contributions to communities across the country.

Employer and Employee Rights Fact Sheet

Employer and Employee Rights Fact Sheet – fact sheet on employer and employee rights that includes information from the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices, an office of the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division.


Recertification Guides

Higher has released several guides for foreign-trained professionals who are seeking to practice their profession in the United States. It describes the structure and future of the profession and workforce composition, as well as the skills, training, and credentials needed to advance in the field. These guides are an essential resource for refugees, other newcomers, and employment specialists. Hard copies of each guide are available on request. [link to [email protected]]

Opportunities for Refugee Engineers (PDF)
Opportunities for Refugee Teachers (PDF)
Opportunities for Refugee Physicians and Nurses (PDF)
Opportunities for Refugee Pharmacists (PDF)
Opportunities for Refugee Dentists (PDF)
Opportunities for Refugee Accountants (PDF)

Financial Literacy for Newcomers: Weaving Immigrant Needs into Financial Education

This 32-page document reviews existing financial literacy curricula for immigrants and refugees. It provides recommendations for development of further materials and programs that will help newcomers establish the financial stability they need in the United States.
 Download a PDF version of this document.

Refugee Youth Employment Manual

Published in 2001, this publication features youth refugee employment program models from across the country.

Refugee Youth Employment Part I (PDF)
Refugee Youth Employment Part II (PDF)
Refugee Youth Employment Part III (PDF)
Refugee Youth Employment Part IV (PDF)


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Hidden Agendas: Stereotypes and Cultural Barriers to Corporate-Community Partnerships

The Supporting Skilled Immigrants Toolkit

The Supporting Skilled Immigrants Toolkit, developed by WES Global Talent Bridge, presents the various barriers facing skilled immigrants as they seek to integrate into academic and professional settings in the U.S. and identifies key challenges that educators face when working with highly-skilled students in mixed classroom settings. It introduces best practices from the field and a directory of successful programs dedicated to serving the needs of skilled immigrants.